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Weekly Reading Test

1)  Review the sounds and words one time for the students - then read the following directions:
For our weekly reading test, I am going to call out the words you see in the boxes below.  Try to find the word I say and write it in the correct numbered space.  Make sure you listen carefully to the sounds I say as this will help you find the correct word.  Words for numbers 1 through 5 will come from the top row and numbers 6-10 will come from the bottom row.   For numbers 1-5 call out the top row words in random order, making sure you say each word slowly while stressing each sound.  Do the same for numbers 6-10.  After giving the test, ask students to pick either "Word of the Day" and place it into a sentence containing at least 5 words.   Upon completion, you can choose to have the students correct their own papers as a group activity or grade them on your own and pass them back.  Any word a child writes incorrectly should be re-written in the "Correction Space" next to the word. 
out our house round four
boy toy joy coin does

Top Row Words

Correction Space

Bottom Row Words

Correction Space

1. 6.
2. 7.
3. 8.
4. 9.
5. 10.

Sentence Writing Test

DIRECTIONS:   Choose one of the "Words of the Day" and place it into a sentence.  The sentence should not begin with the word "I" and should contain at least 6 words.